Heading into the winter months is a great time to think about how you present your photography. The Binding Studio's updated photographers price-list will help out with some ideas. E-mail thebindingstudio@gmail.com for a copy.

Display prints courtesy of   Nicole Jecentho Photography  (she's excellent!)

Display prints courtesy of  Nicole Jecentho Photography (she's excellent!)

There are some new additions;

Clockwise from top left- Mats and backing boards to present prints / Self mount albums for attaching your own prints / Photo galleries for presenting key images / An ideas page to spark some imagination.

All of The Binding Studio's products are custom made to order, by hand. That's why there are so many possibilities and why the price-list is your starting guide for the most common products and sizes.

Don't be shy, if you don't see exactly what you are after, get in touch and lets see what we can create together!


If you order boxes during May 2016, you can take advantage of these specials;

Take some time out, make a cuppa, and think about how your work is presented.

I'm looking forward to talking through some ideas and creating a new look with you soon!

All the best from Lou